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Woche 37: Samma van Klarbergen

Das Kalendermotiv der Woche stammt von Samma van Klarbergen.

My picture: When I was told the week I was to do an illustration for, I was thinking about what that time period meant to me. I don’t deal well with the summer heat so September usually means that it cools down and I can pick up the pieces again. It’s a time where I rebuild some of my productivity and start to do more things again. That’s what the building of this bridge is supposed to signify.

My workflow: I always work in photoshop. I start with a black and white composition sketch and then move to color and big shapes. Finally I add detail and figure out exactly what it is that I’m drawing.

Future plans and current projects: I’m currently working as art director on a videogame, I’ll also teach a digital painting class at CGMA over the fall, and I’m always working on personal projects. Never a dull moment!

First draft:

Development Stages:


Der Comic-Kalender 2023, Fuck Yeah ist ein Projekt von Schlogger mit Unterstützung von Kwimbi und Comic Solidarity. Den gedruckten Kalender kann man hier bestellen.

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